Transmission & Pipelines

oil and gas transmission and pipelline products

Companies in the downstream segment of oil and gas production are the crucial last part of the process before products are sold to consumers. At Legacy™ Measurement Solutions, we know you need top-quality equipment to deliver an excellent product.

Teaming up with Legacy Measurement Solutions is not like working with a typical fabricator. We offer a comprehensive solution for transmission and pipelines equipment, including PIG launchers and receivers, regulating skids and commercial metering systems. Our expert engineers can design high quality, custom applications with fast turn around times to solve your technical problems.

Browse our transmission and pipelines products below or contact us today to discuss our custom applications.


  • Orifice Meters
  • Ultrasonic Meters
  • Coriolis Meters
  • Positive Displacement Meters
  • Rotary Meters
  • LACT Units
  • Regulation & Control Skids
  • Separators
  • Filter/Coalescer Separators
  • Dehydration Units
  • PIG Launchers & Receivers
  • EFMs
  • Solar Panels
  • Custom Applications