The LEGACY MEASUREMENT SOLUTIONS management team has a proven, differentiated track record of successfully participating in our industry’s largest projects over the past four decades. The company now employs over 135 professionals focused on all key product and service categories, to deliver engineered measurement, production, and process equipment to the oil and natural gas industry from wellhead through midstream and transmission.

Joe Compofelice

Chairman & CEO

Joe Compofelice is the Chairman and CEO of Legacy Measurement Solutions. His operating experience in the oilfield service industry spans 40+ years and includes 12 years with Smith International (today part of Schlumberger) as President of its choke and drilling systems business. Mr. Compofelice spent 10+ years with Baroid Corporation (today part of Halliburton) as CFO and President of its equipment group. Mr. Compofelice was CEO of Deep Ocean, a Norway based provider of subsea inspection, repair, maintenance and pipe and cable burial. Mr. Compofelice has a BA from Cal State Los Angeles and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Darren Schwarz

Vice President of Sales

Darren Schwarz is an accomplished sales & marketing executive and expert within the hydrocarbon measurement industry. Darren began his career roughnecking on drilling rigs, and later, moved into various roles as a country and/or global Sales and Marketing Director. He has a keen understanding of the competitive global differential pressure and ultrasonic measurement landscapes and after 30 + years in the business, has strong industry credibility. With an M.B.A. from Sam Houston State University, Darren serves on the instructional staff of several university-sponsored industry schools and is a member of numerous industry organizations and societies.

Chris Barron

Vice President
Manufacturing &
Supply Chain

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Woodrow Collett


Woodrow Collett is a seasoned occupational Health and Safety expert with extensive history managing safety and environmental compliance, developing training programs, implementing management systems, leading teams and performing safety gap analyses. He has considerable experience and knowledge of HSE regulatory activities and worker’s compensation, with a proven ability to drive culture change within all organizational levels. Woodrow holds an M.B.A. from Texas A&M University.